#RideSafe Trauma First Aid Kit

#RideSafe Trauma First Aid Kit

Life-saving equipment in this Trauma First Aid kit made for riders on the road is laid out in 3 compartments to allow for fast easy access even in the toughest conditions. The brightly colored orange kit makes it easy to see. Each Kit contains

- Two pairs of large heavy duty nitrile gloves

- Two handsanitizer wipes

-Heavy Duty Trauma Shears

- 4T Tourniquet x 2

- Mini Marker

- Compressed gauze x 2

- Compression tape x 2

- NUSTAT gauze 4x4 x 2 PACK

- Trauma Pad x 2

- Mylar Blanket x 2

- CPR Mask

- Tactical Flashlight

- Rolled gauze with wound pad x 2 

- Burn First aid cream packet x 5

- Bandaids x 5 

- Instruction sheet


    If you have not taken one of our courses, please be sure to watch our training video with instructions on how to use this Trauma First Aid Kit!



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