Deluxe Trauma First Aid Kit

Deluxe Trauma First Aid Kit

This kit comes in a water resistant red molle pouch. Inside there is an AED style Trauma First Aid contained in a 4mil re-sealable plastic bag

- 4T Tourniquet

- NUSTAT Clotting Gauze x 2

- Trauma Pad

- T Tape

- Rolled gauze

- Mini Marker

- Gloves and Hand Sanitizer

- Instruction Sheet

In addition there are first aid supplies including

- Trauma Shears

- Mylar Blanket to prevent hypothermia

- CPR Mask

- Cold Pack

- Compressed Gauze

- Additional rolled gauze

- First Aid Kit with band aids, antibiotic ointment, 2x2 gauze

- Tactical Flashlight- Second set of Gloves and Hand Sanitizer


    If you have not taken one of our courses, please be sure to watch our training video with instructions on how to use this Trauma First Aid Kit!



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